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Oh, the excitement. Food.

Watching, sorta, Hannibal TV series while weighing all of my dried food so far and making weight and calorie ratio decisions, separating things into weeks and whatnot so it’s tidy for me and my resupply, Grant.

Buying and reserving

So, as of last week or so I purchased my Amtrak ticket to Gainesville, GA and contacted the hostel I plan to stay at for a few days to get the train trip out of my body and ready to… Continue Reading →

Pee Practice

Been practicing my use of my Freshette so I can use it on my hike and, well, anywhere I want…. ¬†Doing great with my own toilet, today will plan to use it at the VA public bathrooms if need to… Continue Reading →

Alcohol stove, candy making, and disappointment.

So, denatured alcohol arrived and my alcohol stove got tested. On one ounce of alcohol it boiled 2 cups of water in just about 4 minutes, then went out around 5.   Nice and light and hot in short time,… Continue Reading →

Comments sent today and test runs!

I’ve been dehydrating and FoodSaver’ing like mad. It’s impressive. To Grant earlier: ¬† Fresh supplying and bounce-boxing things’ll be pretty easy I think as the FLT goes through and by so many spots. Need to work out the little bit… Continue Reading →

New power source system and food

My new battery pack and solar screens came in today. After several test runs (to include exchanging one at the store hoping it was just a dud) the battery I had was not what I’m hoping for. Got one with… Continue Reading →

Minor Prep

Have started doing just the basics beyond the, you know, updating ancient heavier gear and whatnots. The Finger Lakes Trail is much less complex, for me, than the Appalachian Trail will be just in being familiar with the area so… Continue Reading →

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